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AwlGrip - Awlcare Protective Polymer Sealer, Pt.

AwlGrip - Awlcare Protective Polymer Sealer, Pt.

SKU: 98-73240P

Maintenance products formulated to clean and protect Awlgrip Awlcraft 2000 and Awlcraft SE topcoats.


AWLWASH is formulated specifically for Awlgrip does not contain alkalies acids or abrasives. It's free rinsing formula leading to faster drying and is 100% biodegradable. Concentrated. Quart size comes in a tip 'n' measure container to get the proper ration of 1 oz. per 1 gallon of water.


AWLCARE protectant contains no harsh abrasives and will not scratch painted surfaces. It leaves a non-yellowing protective polymer coating which lasts through multiple washings. Removes mild stains such as water spots and diesel soot. Increases resistance to attack from acid rain and other environmental pollutants.

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