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Fusion Apollo Wired Remote Control W/ Ethernet, Black

Fusion Apollo Wired Remote Control W/ Ethernet, Black

SKU: MS-ERX400 / 010-02244-00

Apollo ERX400 wired remote control allows you to add intuitive and integrated audio control to any zone on board your boat. Featuring a 2.7 optically bonded color LCD and a black front face with multiple mounting options. A single proprietary Ethernet cable to an Apollo Series stereo network or individual stereo, is all that is needed, making installing an Apollo ERX400 wired remote a breeze.


  • Intuitive user experience which allows for easy navigation and control of your entire boats Apollo Series stereo network, with full control of the PartyBus™ Network functionalities including Stereo Grouping, Volume Control, Power Options and Home Zone

  • Ultra-shallow mounting depth of just 1-15/16" allows the Apollo ERX400 to be mounted in a variety of areas, particularly where mounting depth is limited such as thin wall cavities. You have the option of mounting the Apollo ERX400 with a conventional flush finish or integrating it into the helm with a premium flat finish

  • 2.7" brilliant, full-color LCD which displays color album art and metadata display information of the current track playing

  • Available from your smartphone or compatible device via the free Fusion-Link™ app when connected to a wireless network router or Wi-Fi enabled Apollo Series stereo network

  • Built on Fusions True-Marine design philosophy, the ERX400 is rated IPX6 and IPX7 for water resistance, and has been tested to a high level for protection against salt fog, temperature, vibration and UV
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