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Lumishore - SMX1543Full Color RGBW Color-Change Light

Lumishore - SMX1543Full Color RGBW Color-Change Light

SKU: 60-0316

Lumishore EOS SMX Series Surface Mount Underwater Lights SMX153 Full Spectrum, Full Featured Underwater Light Color changing underwater LED lights are the hottest trend in boating today. Whether you're a long-range cruiser, fisherman or weekend wakeboarder they're a great way to extend your day on the water and entertain friends. EOS Surface Mount lights may be installed on the transom or side hull.


The ruggedized polymer housing is built to withstand the harshest environments while maintaining a great aesthetic look and feel. The 90 degree beam angle and light output is best-in-class for a small polymer surface mount fixture. Until now, achieving those cool special effects and keeping your lights synchronized has been a networking challenge or reserved for large yachts with sophisticated systems and on-board technicians. With Lumishore's new integrated underwater lighting system you'll enjoy unprecedented color control and ease of installation without the networking hassles.


Simply connect the i-Connect Hub plug-and-play wiring system to your DC power source, plug in your lights along with your choice of controller, and installation is complete! Choose from a wide array of color modes, including full spectrum cycle, preset colors, any color/speed strobe, color sweeps, and custom colors. Have on-board audio? Connect your audio output to the available EOS Mini Controller and you've just created your own "Sound-to-Light" entertainment system with optional wireless control - it's that easy!


Beamwidth: 90 degrees

Color: Full Spectrum. Controllled by choice of EOS Mini, WiFi device, or MFD

Cut-out Size: .5'' hole for cable

Dimensions: 3.75'' diameter, 0.7'' profile

Input Voltage: 12-24 VDC (75 Watts)

LEDs Used: 52 LEDs, 5500 Fixture Lumens

Max Hull Thickness: N/A (Surface Mount)

Fix Lumens: 5100

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