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Lumitec Corsica Inset LED Flood Light

Lumitec Corsica Inset LED Flood Light

SKU: 451-101611

Sleek, clean and powerful, the Corsica Flood Light is Lumitec's newest addition to the mold-in Contour series.  Corsica's design allows it to be sculpted into hardtops, wheelhouses or arches for cohesive and integrated look.

Corsica delivers more than 1,200 darkness piercing lumens and is the first light to feature the all new Spectrum Halo. Spectrum Halo casts an even, dimmable, colored glow while enhancing a vessel's nightime aesthetics. TTP and PLI enabled, Corsica can be controlled with any normal on/off switch and is also compatible with Lumitec's POCO Digital Lighting Control System.


  • Color Output: White with spectrum halo
  • White housing
  • 1,200 lumens output
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