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Attwood - Sahara MK2 Automatic Bilge Pump, 500 GPH

Attwood - Sahara MK2 Automatic Bilge Pump, 500 GPH

SKU: 23-55057
  • Patented X-Air™ Impeller: Prevents air locking so that the pump will not run dry and burn out

  • Flexible Outlets: 90° rotatable elbow outlet allows users to install the pump anywhere in a full 360° orientation

  • Single-Hand Pump Cartridge Release: Convenient when trying to access a pump located in a hard-to-reach area of the boats hull

  • Exterior Mounting Feet: Eliminates the need to remove the basket, saving OEMs time on production lines

  • Universal Backwards Compatible Design: 7-pump mounting hole pattern for replacing any top bilge pump in its category

  • SteadySwitch™: Buoyancy control reduces cycling, draining the bilge not the battery

  • No Pipe Or Hose Removal Required: Reduces the time that it takes to replace the cartridge

  • Improved Motor Cooling/Heat Dissipation : Prevents overheating that may cause failures, such as blown fuse, leaking, etc

  • Universal mounting pattern makes replacement simple
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