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Attwood -  Shower Pump System 750 GPH 12V

Attwood - Shower Pump System 750 GPH 12V

SKU: 23-41434

This sump box features an air vent to prevent air locks, slotted mounts for easy installation & removal, a straight mesh filter to provide easy removal for cleaning and pre-installed inlet fittings instead of a shared manifold so additional fittings can easily be added if needed. A reliable Attwood Sahara pump automatically pumps the box dry. Gasketed lid easily snaps on and off and the seal protects against overflow. 36" wire leads.3/4" Pump outlet. Choice of 3/4", 1", 1-1/8", & 1-1/2" inlets for easy connection from up to 3 drains including a head sink, shower drain & galley sink.

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