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Attwood  -Tsunami Aerator Pump 500 GPH For Seacock 3/4"

Attwood -Tsunami Aerator Pump 500 GPH For Seacock 3/4"

SKU: 23-46437
  • Pump with innovative engineering and compact design provides most reliable aeration in contained spaces such as livewell.


  • Rated for 500 gallons per hour (gph) output at design voltage 13.6 volts DC, or 450 gph at nominal voltage of 12 volts DC.


  • Features advanced materials, including premium bearings and brushes, alloys, and magnets.


  • Patented shaft seal prevents leaks, caulked and tinned wiring eliminates wicking, prevents water damage, and resists corrosion.


  • Motor cartridge locks for secure placement, and unlocks for easy cleaning, maintenance, and replacement.


  • Has a 3/4-inch diameter, 7/8-inch-long inlet, and a threaded 3/4-inch interior diameter outlet.


  • 12-volt pump connected with 29-inch wire with ¾-inch seacock.
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