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FLIR MD-625 Fixed-Mount Thermal Night Vision Camera with Joystick Control Unit

FLIR MD-625 Fixed-Mount Thermal Night Vision Camera with Joystick Control Unit

SKU: FLR-432-0010-13-00

Enjoy greater awareness, safety, visibility and peace of mind when you install this thermal camera on your boat.


The confidence that comes from having total visibility day or night is something you will never want to do without again. This marine camera lets you view heat, not light, so you'll have a perspective that is never diminished by pitch darkness.


Clearly see obstacles like rocks, mooring balls and buoys; never miss a small boat, kayak or channel marker; and identify landmarks such as docks, inlets and jetties. Immediately locate overboard pets and people—no matter the conditions—and enhance the safety of your whole crew with this easy-to-use device.


Key Features


  • Total Visibility: This camera gives you a 25° x 20° field of view and a 640 x 480 VOx Microbolometer for high clarity of vision at night. FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement™ image processing gives you the clearest picture so you'll see every detail. This camera will give you the powerful ability to detect a person in the water at 4,200' and a vessel at 8,506'.


  • Choose Your View: Multiple automatic settings give you the perfect view no matter what you're doing. Choose from Rearview mode, Night Running, Night Docking, Day Running and Man Overboard settings to ensure you're always seeing the clearest detail. Pan sideways 30° in either direction from center and tilt +34° and -27° to get the best perspective. 2x and 4x zoom are possible with this device and you can view and control all this from the helm with the included BNC-to-RCA video out adapter.


  • There's an App for That: With the FLIR app for iOS, you can control all of your FLIR Thermal imaging, night vision and infrared cameras from your Apple devices. You'll get quick browsing of your cameras, automatic discovery and configuration in-app, the power to switch your Night, thermal or TV signals on and off, and the ability to capture video and snapshots even when you're away from the helm—total control at your fingertips.


  • Size-Conscious: This scaled-down camera was specifically designed for the limited space on your vessel. It's only 6" in diameter and 7" tall to provide minimal, unobtrusive mounting upright or upside down.


  • Rugged Build: The MD series have been tested to withstand the perils facing electronics installed on a boat. It can handle 115 1/2 mph winds and is stress tested to meet IEC 60945 and MIL-STD-810E standards for resistance to salt mist, vibration, sand and dust. The lens has an automatic window defrost at power-up and is rated IPX6 for water resistance. As if all this wasn't enough to put your mind at ease, a two year warranty is included with proof of purchase.


  • Efficient Design: In order to minimize power draw from your boat, this camera only requires about 5W when on to a maximum of 12 1/2W. This device integrates itself into your network seamlessly with an ethernet connection.


  • Joystick Control: Using the joystick, you can toggle between different color palettes, zoom in and out, change the automatic gain controls to adjust for environmental conditions and run through specialized operations with its separate menu.
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