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Fusion Signature Series Component Tweeter

Fusion Signature Series Component Tweeter

SKU: SG-TW10 / 010-02103-00

The Signature Series tweeter is designed to add quality high frequencies to your music, delivering another dimension to your onboard entertainment. Combines a 1" voice coil with a neodymium pot magnet system, hard dome tweeter and an impressive 200 watts peak power that work in unison to produce quality high frequencies in your music.


The tweeters modern aesthetics will fit in seamlessly with your audio entertainment system and complement your Signature Series speaker range on board. Designed with the acoustics of the Signature Series speakers in mind, this component tweeter will enhance any audio entertainment system, but is optimized for the best audio reproduction when integrated with the Signature Series range. Designed to provide convenience in installation.


With both flush and surface mounting options, you can choose to install the tweeter where it is most suited, without needing to worry about cutouts if sufficient wall depth is not available. Rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection, the Signature Series tweeter is designed to be installed where it is most convenient on board, without the worry of water or dust damage.


  • Add another dimension to your music

  • Compact performance

  • Modern aesthetics

  • The perfect complement

  • Multiple installation options

  • IP65 Weatherproof front face
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