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HawEye - Fishtrax™ 1C Portable Color Fishfinder

HawEye - Fishtrax™ 1C Portable Color Fishfinder


FishTrax™ 1C is a HD color fish finder perfect for experienced anglers who demand a high-definition fishing experience. The dual-frequency FishTrax™ Intelligent sonar allows you to have precise readings up to 240 feet in 1/10th precision.


The FishTrax™ 1C also has a built in Ice-Mode Digital Flasher that enables you to fine tune your display. It has a 100-level sensitivity adjustment, multi-level depth ranges, and auto-zoom bottom tracking that intensifies prey targeting. There are two operating frequencies (200 kHz and 83 kHz) to fine tune sonar readings in shallow or deep water.


Toss the sonar sensor in the water (or place it inside the hull of your boat) and power the display on. Instant depth, fish depth & location, and HD bottom landscape painting sonar data will be displayed on the VirtuView™ HD Color Display.

Includes: FishTrax™ 1C HD Color Display and Floatable, Trollable, Boat Mountable Transducer.

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