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Humminbird - Mega 360 Imaging Transducer - Universal Mount

Humminbird - Mega 360 Imaging Transducer - Universal Mount

SKU: 137-4113901


The MEGA 360 Imaging - Universal transducer shows you a 360°, detail rich view around your boat. Bring this technology to virtually any boat, thanks to an adjustable GeigerTec mount, made from billet aluminum. And since MEGA 360 is mounted independent of your trolling motor's steering, you'll have an uninterrupted picture of what's below, even while fishing in wind, waves or using Spot-Lock™.


  • Use MEGA 360 Imaging without sacrificing boat control. Whether trolling or using Spot-Lock, MEGA 360 Imaging is independently mounted, so your sonar picture remains unchanged as the trolling motor turns

  • Two operation modes for this transducer; MEGA 360 Imaging or Side Imaging

  • Mark waypoints directly on your MEGA 360 Imaging screen and watch them update as your boat position changes, making it easy to find and then cast to fish and structure

  • Optional range rings to show you the distance of targets from your boat

  • Customize sweep speed, viewing area, display information, sonar zoom and color palette to your specific fishing situation and preference

  • Once connected to a compatible HELIX G3N unit with MEGA Imaging+ or SOLIX G2 unit, MEGA 360 Imaging view can be shared with All SOLIX models, and all HELIX G2N and G3N models when connected via an Ethernet network

  • Included: MEGA 360 Imaging transducer with attached power cable and transducer cable, 10' SOLIX transducer extension cable, 10' HELIX transducer adapter cable, 10' MEGA 360 power cable and adjustable, aluminum MEGA 360 Imaging mounting bracket with depth retaining ring for shaft.

See manufacturers website for compatible head units

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