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Humminbird - Mega 360 Transducer - Ultrex

Humminbird - Mega 360 Transducer - Ultrex

SKU: 137-4112501

The MEGA 360 Imaging - Ultrex transducer provides a 360°, detail-rich view around your boat. Designed to mount to the Minn Kota® Ultrex™, this transducer provides uninterrupted use of your Ultrex motor while using MEGA 360 Imaging, even while in Spot-Lock™. So keep fishing in wind, waves and nasty weather, and we'll still deliver the MEGA Imaging all around you for versatility in your fishing.

Includes: Ultrex bow-mount MEGA 360 Imaging transducer with attached power cable and transducer cable, with 10' SOLIX transducer cable, 10' HELIX transducer adapter cable, 10' MEGA 360 power cable and an Ultrex mounting bracket.

  • The high-frequency beam of MEGA Imaging CHIRPs across the megahertz range to reveal the world below in picture-like detail all the way around your boat.

  • Use MEGA 360 Imaging without sacrificing boat control. Whether trolling or using Spot-Lock, MEGA 360 Imaging is independently mounted, so your sonar picture remains unchanged as the trolling motor turns.

  • Pick from two operation modes for this transducer; MEGA 360 Imaging or Side Imaging. This allows you to view a MEGA 360 Imaging view or use this transducer as a MEGA Side Imaging sonar source by selecting the Side Imaging operation mode.

  • Mark waypoints directly on your MEGA 360 Imaging screen and watch them update as your boat position changes, making it easy to find and then cast to fish and structure.

  • Utilize optional range rings to show you the distance of targets from your boat, for a better understanding of exactly where the fish are.

  • View MEGA 360 Imaging alongside your choice of multiple sonar and map technologies for a complete understanding of your surroundings.

  • 1-Year Limited.
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