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Lumishore THX1603-CCP-2

Lumishore THX1603-CCP-2

SKU: 60-0340

Lumishore EOS Full-Spectrum Underwater LightSingle THX1603 Light for System Add-On Purposes Lumishore EOS Series Thru-Hull lighting systems are the undisputed leader in high-performance full spectrum underwater lights with more installed systems than any other manufacturer, unmatched performance, the widest beam angles, and the brightest color changing lights on the market. EOS Series Thru-Hull lights are available in 3 model sizes and 2 mounting types with up to 15,500 fixture lumens of light and an ultra-wide 110 degree beam. THX models are standard 1" fittings with an external driver.


TIX models have an internal driver and can be serviced from inside the hull without hauling the vessel. All Lumishore Thru-Hulls are "flush-fit" with extremely low profiles, suitable for transom, side hull, and bottom mounting. EOS Series Thru-Hull lighting systems are controlled by Lumishore's intuitive new EOS STV2203-i Color Controller, a dedicated 3.5" / 89mm full-screen display, and/or directly from a compatible MFD, which allows the boat owner to eliminate another controller for a clutter-free helm or to provide alternative control zones including iPhone-enabled Wi-Fi.


Beamwidth: 110°

Color: Full-Spectrum, with 12 presets, infinite color choice, color sweep, color scene, DMX control

Cut-out Size: 1.1'' for shaft

Dimensions: 5.2'' diameter, 0.5'' profile

Input Voltage: 12/24 VDC, External driver

LEDs Used: White: 36, Blue: 36, Green: 36, Red: 48; 15,500 Fixture Lumens (White).

Max Hull Thickness: 5.5'' shaft length



  • Full EOS color change: RGBW, Waterproof - IP68-rated
  • Choice of 2 color change Thru-Hull and 3 Interchangeable Thru-Hull models sizes and brightness levels
  • Preset and customizable Colors, Cycles, Speeds, Sweeps, Modes, and Brightness Adjust
  • Easy "Sound-to-Light" integration with on-board sound system, Wi-Fi control with iPhone/iPad and companion Lumi-App on iTunes
  • Preprogrammed synchronized light sequencing (all lights, all colors, all modes)
  • Pre-installed plug-and-play connectors make installation easier and faster
  • All lights are fully synchronized; Master/secondary light set-ups are no longer necessary; Ultra-wide 110 degree beam angle for the ultimate halo effect
  • Control directly from your compatible MFD by adding a Lumi-Link Module, 50,000+ hr LED life, HICOB LED Array
  • Reverse Polarity Protection,Voltage Surge Protection,Low Voltage Protection,Power Line Noise Suppression,"Soft Start" Electronics Protection and Advanced Thermal Management
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty
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