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Lumishore - THX203 White Ultra-Slim, 5600 fixt

Lumishore - THX203 White Ultra-Slim, 5600 fixt

SKU: 60-0312

Lumishore THX Series Thru-Hull Underwater LightsTHX203: White Light, 5,600 Fixture Lumens Lumishore's passion and dedication to manufacturing only Underwater LED lighting infuses quality and performance into every fixture. Our lights have been created by the finest engineering and design minds in the industry.


Lumishore caters to the discriminating yachtsmen requiring the most unique and highest-performing underwater lights on the market. The Lumishore Thru-Hull is designed for those owners who prefer the integrity of a thru-hull installation.


Lumishore offers the brightest, most efficient, and cost effective underwater LED lighting systems on the market. The Lumishore THX203 offers unparalleled performance on small to medium yachts, features 5,600 fixture lumens, a wide 110 degree light beam, in a compact and affordable package. Simple two wire installation, with no external driver. Suitable for transom, side or bottom hull mounting, with a narrow 0.65" shaft.


Beamwidth: 110 degrees

Color: White

Cut-out Size: 0.7'' shaft hole

Dimensions: 3.75'' diameter, 0.7'' profile

Input Voltage: 12/24 VDC

LEDs Used: 12, Blue; 5600 Fixture Lumens

Max Hull Thickness: 2.5''

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