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Power #1 One Boat Hull Cleaner, 4 L (1.06 Gal.)

Power #1 One Boat Hull Cleaner, 4 L (1.06 Gal.)

SKU: 538-20134L

Removes stains from the fiberglass hulls of boats, upholstery, wood, copper, rims, brake dust, vehicles, fenders, fiberglass, sink, toilet, bathtub, clothing, cement, stainless steel, humidifiers, fabric, concrete, painted surfaces, bodies of carburetors, decks, chrome, ceramic grout.


Will also remove coffee stains, grape juice stain and much more. It is also biodegradable, no smell, won't hurt your skin, and is non-flammable. Apply on dry surface, wait 60 seconds, and watch it disappear. Simply rinse when done.

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