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Search & Rescue SART100 - em-trak Marine Electronics Limited

Search & Rescue SART100 - em-trak Marine Electronics Limited

SKU: 409-0018

Be ready for anything. Engineered for reliability the em-trak SART100 is a IMO-SOLAS certified AIS search and rescue transponder. This market-leading search and rescue transponder can be stored for years, and when needed, can be instantly activated to transmit an emergency transmission to all AIS equipped vessels including coastguard and aircraft, allowing them to pinpoint your exact location.


The em-trak SART is ruggedized (IPx6, IPx7 and IPx8), comes as a complete kit and can be stored away for many years ready for instant activation in the event of an emergency, giving you total peace of mind.




I IMO SOLAS certified and approved AIS SART.

I 5 years minimum maintenance free continuous standby.

I Easy to use in an emergency.

I Ruggedized, weather and waterproof to IPx6 and IPx8.

I Complete kit, inclusive of quick release mounting bracket and grab bag.

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