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Whale - Grey Waste Tank With Intelligent Control

Whale - Grey Waste Tank With Intelligent Control

SKU: 698-GT0810B

Simple system - Allows you to manage all grey waste on board through one thru-hull fitting. Resilient polyethylene one-piece molded tank designed to handle grey waste on board - ideal for use with Gulper Grey Waste pumps for unbeaten debris handling.


  • Intelligent Control - sensor activates pump automatically to empty grey waste tank only when required

  • Robust - enclosed housing with dual seal ensures the best component protection in the harsh grey waste environment

  • Reliable - designed to reduce dirt and debris build-up

  • Compatible - lid design allows retrofitting to existing Whale grey waste tank systems

  • Simple installation - two wires can connect to any 12 or 24V pump system, up to 20A, with no requirement for a relay

  • Inlets: 3/4" (2), 1" (3), 1-1/2" (3) Outlets: 3/4" (1), 1" (1)
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