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Xantrex Battery Charger 12V - 20A - 3 Banks

Xantrex Battery Charger 12V - 20A - 3 Banks


TRUECharge2 battery chargers are highly versatile and can be mounted in multiple positions, thanks to their inherent drip-free design characteristics. TRUECharge2 delivers outstanding low electrical interference, coupled with efficient, power factor corrected, multistage charging capability. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the easy-access AC and DC wiring compartments. The easy-to-read display can be augmented with an optional remote panel.


Number Of Banks: 3

Application: 24 Volt AGM/ Flooded/ Gel/ Calcium Lead-Acid Batteries

Output Voltage: 24 Volt

Input Voltage: 90 To 265 Volt

Ampere Rating: 20 Amp Charging

Number Of Stages: 3 Stage

Length (IN): 9.8 Inch

Width (IN): 6.7 Inch

Height (IN): 2.8 Inch

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